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Specialty Gifts

Table of Contents
      • Business Overview
      • Purpose of Funds
      • Team Overview
      • Mission and Vision Statements
      • Marketing
      • Loan Request
      • Repayment
      • Projected Revenue, Expenses and Cash Flows

Business Overview

is a provider of high-quality, uniquely crafted chocolates, gift baskets and other fine products that are sold for the purpose of raising awareness and funds for women’s health programs.

      • We are a newly organized company seeking equity and loans for our start-up capital.
      • By the end of Year Two we are projecting to double our sales; by the end of Year Three we plan to triple Year Two sales, and have a healthy cash balance.
      • We will donate 50% of our after-tax profits to Women’s health programs.
      • Our business strategy is to maximize cash flows by minimizing overhead and capital expenses and thereby maximizing returns.

was formed to merchandise the concepts and designs of Linda Herter. Linda has been involved and employed in the merchandising industry since the early 1970’s. After being diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer, Linda also was informed that the Internet dot-com company that she had been employed by was ceasing operation.

Recognizing opportunity in adversity, Linda decided to use her creative and professional ability to form a company that would exploit her talents. A major objective of the company is to raise funds for breast cancer awareness as well as provide funds for women who are not able to afford necessary breast screenings. Above all, our desire is that Linda’s story will provide hope and inspiration to others who may be faced with the same challenges.

Purpose of Funds

The business plan looking fund of .The loan will be in two parts, the first of which is for equipment, furnishings, and initial promotional efforts. That loan is to be amortized monthly for four years and collateralized by initial and hereinafter-acquired equipment and furnishings. The balance, , is to be a revolving line of credit collateralized by all other assets of the firm and necessary personal assets held outside the firm.

Team Overview

The company will have four officers: President ; Head of Operations, plus two telemarketing consultants. We will also hire an office manager, and someone to do cold calls. The company plans to hire additional consultants and administrative personnel as we begin to get large numbers of contracts.

brings a strong background and intimate understanding of marketing, merchandising and creative design. Employed by the Bigname University Alumni Association as the Assistant Director of Merchandising from August 1993 to April 2000, her primary responsibility was generating capital to fund various continuing education programs by developing and overseeing merchandising and affinity programs.

has been employed as the Business and Facilities Manager by the Bigname University Food Services department for the past thirteen years. His primary duties are the planning and facilitating of a $31 million budget, oversight of the department’s business, accounting, maintenance and identification card production staff, in addition to conducting management training in the areas of financial analysis and planning.

Qualified from the Bigname University currently employs Mr. Egendoerfer as the Manager of Web Development Services. From 1995 to 2000, Mr. Egendoerfer was Director of Alumni Information Technology for the University’s Alumni Association.

graduated from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri, Dr. Friend completed his general surgical residency at the University of Miami Hospitals and did vascular surgical training at Baylor University Hospitals. He has been in practice in South Bend since 1971.

Mission and Vision Statements

strength lies in the talents and experiences of each of the principals involved fueled by an uncompromising conviction to help with the prevention and ultimate cure for life- threatening women’s diseases.

We also recognize that we have a weakness in the area of national marketing and distribution. It is through this recognition that we are forming synergistic alliances with companies and individuals that can provide counsel and guidance to launch our products nationally. business strategy bundles many features and critical factors that will be key to our success:

      • Delivering the Pink Lady Bug story.
      • Offering only high-quality products.
      • Contributing half of after-tax profits to women’s health causes.
      • Being first to market with little initial competition.
      • Partnering with a celebrity spokesperson.
      • Forming alliances with vendors and other suppliers of fine products.
      • Selling a product that supports a cause to customers whose purchasing decision is emotionally driven.
      • Our potential market consists of 20-30 million people in the United States alone.
      • This group is comprised of the 2 million women who have been afflicted with breast and ovarian cancer over the past decade, in addition to their family, friends, and care-givers.


The following statistics are sobering reminders of how many women in the United States are stricken with the two most prevalent forms of cancer. We do not want to refer to this as market growth, yet an opportunity to cite the urgency to raise funds for treatment, education, and a cure.

General Breast Cancer Statistics

      • estimated 203,500 new invasive cases of breast cancer are expected to occur amongwomen in the United States during 2002.
      • An estimated 39,600 women will die from breast cancer.
      • It is estimated that 1,500 men will be diagnosed and 400 men will die of breast cancer during 2002.
      • Breast cancer is the leading cancer site among American women and is second only to lung cancer in cancer deaths.
      • Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among women ages 40-59.

Although the medical community is developing treatments, and ultimately a cure, the unfortunate fact is that each year the number of women world-wide diagnosed with life-threatening diseases increases. This unfortunate trend, by its nature, creates the need for further efforts for fund-raising.


Our total projected budget for the is

# Expense Budgeted Cost
1 Lease
2 Construction/Renovation
3 License fee
4 Equipment


We are asking for an amount of as a loan. It will be repaid over at a rate of interest, making payments of .


Other Documentation attached to this request includes income and cash flow projections for the Cosmetics Manufacturing and alternative operational structures in the event our projections.

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CA Vikas Jain - Chief Advisor

Mr. Vikas Jain is a reputed Chartered Accountant possessing in-depth understand...

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