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Architecture Firm

Table of Contents
  • • Business Overview
  • • Purpose of Funds
  • • Team Overview
  • • Mission and Vision Statements
  • • Marketing
  • • Loan Request
  • • Repayment
  • • Projected Revenue, Expenses and Cash Flows

Business Overview

will be an architectural firm specializing in residential, commercial and industrial architecture in domestic and international markets based out of the Bay Area near San Francisco, California. The firm will provide architectural services using technologically superior processes, providing greater value for clients and enhanced design and construction.

offers a new type of digital interactive media for both the client and the builder. This media will clearly show the client and the builder exactly what the design will look like and the method of construction.

With this new form of media the client doesn’t have to know anything about architectural graphics or terminology (floor plans, sections, elevations & construction documents) to have a clear understanding of what the end result will look like. This is possible through the use of computer-rendered images and interactive video.

The target client is segmented into four categories; home owners, developers, government, and contractors. competitive edge will be the knowledge of digital-based design resources. Superior customer service will also be a point of firm differentiation.

Purpose of Funds

The business plan looking fund of .The loan will be in two parts, the first of which is for equipment, furnishings, and initial promotional efforts. That loan is to be amortized monthly for four years and collateralized by initial and hereinafter-acquired equipment and furnishings. The balance, , is to be a revolving line of credit collateralized by all other assets of the firm and necessary personal assets held outside the firm.

Team Overview

: years old, founded in to focus on reselling high-powered personal computers to small business. Degree in computer science, 15 years with Large Computer Company, Inc. in positions ending with project manager, attending courses at the local Small Business Development Center for more than six years now, steadily adding business skills and business training to his technical background.

: years old, joined us last year following a very successful career with Continental Computers. Her hiring was the culmination of a long recruiting search. With Continental she managed the VAR marketing division. She is committed to re-engineering to be a service and support business that sells computers, not vice-versa. MBA, undergraduate degree in history.

: years old, years with Large Computers, Inc. in programming and service-related positions, 7 years with . MS in computer science and BS in electrical engineering.

: years old, former teacher, joined part-time in and went full-time in . Very high people skills,BA in elementary education. She has taken several sales management courses at the local SBDC.

Mission and Vision Statements

offers a new type of digital interactive media for both the client and the builder. This media will clearly show the client and the builder exactly what the design will look like and the method of construction.

This media will be taken one step further by using it in the construction documents as well. The builder will be provided with an interactive video rendering of the entire building containing both visual photographic quality images and construction specs. Every last detail will be worked out in three dimensions in such a way that anyone who knows how to use a computer will be able to access and understand this new means of architectural presentation

      1. Provide a service that is technologically superior to the competition’s.
      2. Utilizing a diverse staff of architects to provide a wide variety of product styles.
      3. A large array of global connections.


The architectural services market is expected to reach a CAGR of 4.5%, during the period of 2020-2025. Technology’s role in architecture is omnipresent, and it is set to increase as the digital age continues to evolve. One of the most remarkable digital advancements of the last few years has been that of VR and AR, which is set to play a significant role in building design. More and more architecture firms are holding advantage of what VR (virtual reality) can offer clients by way of communicating ideas and concepts.

will provide it’s service to home owners who are looking to remodel, as well as developers, contractors and government agencies in the domestic and international markets. Although we are going to cater to a relatively broad scope of customers, the company will decide what the target market is based on sales and trends experienced in the initial months of operation.

Potential clients for market is broken down into four categories: home owners, developers, government, and contractors. Home owners are the largest group based on shear population and this will be emphasized in all of the firm’s marketing and promotional efforts. Targeting the remaining three groups will be dependent upon establishing meaningful relationships, and responding and qualifying for request for proposals.


Our total projected budget for the is

# Expense Budgeted Cost
1 Lease
2 Construction/Renovation
3 License fee
4 Equipment


We are asking for an amount of as a loan. It will be repaid over at a rate of interest, making payments of .


Other Documentation attached to this request includes income and cash flow projections for the Cosmetics Manufacturing and alternative operational structures in the event our projections.