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Hydro Power Project Loan

Bank will fund 75 - 90% of your total project cost
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Frequently Asked Questions

What amount is the world's power provided by Hydroelectric Power Plants?

2700 TWH is generated each year. Hydropower supplies at least 50% of power creation in 66 nations and at any rate 90% in 24 nations.  

What are the various kinds of Hydroelectric Power Plants?

There are essentially four kinds of force plants: -  

1. Pelton turbines - It is drive turbine which is typically utilized for in excess of 250 m of water head.  

2. Francis - This is a response turbine which is utilized for head fluctuating between 2.5m to 450m.  

3. Kaplan - It is propeller kind of plant with movable sharp edges which are utilized for heads differing between 1.5 m to 70 m.  

4. Propeller - It is utilized for head between 1.5 to 30 m &n

What is the record finishing period of a Hydro Power Station in India of more than 100MW ?

Chamera - II HE Project (300 MW) in Distt. Chamba, HP. has been finished in a record period is Four and Half years .  

Which Hydro Station has been finished as of late which has the most reduced levy rate?

Dhauliganga HE Project (280 MW)in the Distt. of Pithoragarh of Uttranchal was finished in Nov. 2005. It is selling power @ Rs.1.83/Kwh to recipient States of Northern Region.  

What are the various kinds of Hydro Schemes?

Various sorts of Hydro Schemes are :  

  • Absolutely Run - of - River Power Station.
  • Capacity type Power Station. iii.Run - of - River Stations with Pondage.  
What is the undertaking Cost and how it is subsidized?

Absolute capital use caused for appointing of an undertaking is project cost and it is mostly subsidized by the value and Loan.  

What is the standard obligation value proportion for financing a hydropower project?

Standard Debt Equity Ratio is 70:30  

Why, in the financing of task cost, Equity segment is kept lower than Debt?

Since cost of value is higher than cost of obligation, so value partition is kept low. 

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