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Banks & Lenders usually check your company Credit Behaviors to know your Company creditworthiness of repaying Loan Amount.

Financeseva Business credit report assists you with acquiring a reasonable comprehension of your company credit history, guide you to do proper control of your accounts and assisting you with settling on informed trick & tips that can assist you protected.


To expand business growth, at certain times companies need fund for various reason such like working capital requirements, equipment purchase or finance growth & One of the easiest options to get out of a financial crisis is applying for a loan from a bank or seeking alternative funding options. Lenders generally check your business credit report.

Avail Loan at Lowest Interest Rate

Not only your company is eligible for loan but with a good business credit report you will get eligibility for lowest interest rates from bank. Generally, a good business credit report is a sign that you will repay all your debt on time. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that you pay all your company bills, invoice on time, repay your loans and monitor your business credit report on a regular basis to correct any errors you may uncover.

Speedy Loan Approval

Unfortunately, not every business that applies for a loan is approved. Why? One of the main factors that impact credit approval is the information or lack of information in the company' credit report. Thus, to get quick loan approvals for your business, you must strive and ensure that your business credit report is well established and positive. It is time for business owners to build and improve the business credit score for their business in to obtain the most favorable rates and terms in financing.

Minimum Security Required

While applying for loan lenders generally want to know that how much security you will be showing to make them sure about your repayment upon the loan, therefore if you don’t have much security, don’t worry about that you will only needed to focus for a Good Business Credit Report it will ultimately help you because a Good Business Credit Report is sufficient to provide your company as much as fund required with minimal security.

Creditors give Good Credit Terms

A favorable business credit report clearly shows that a business can meet its financial obligations. The better the business credit report, the higher the loan limits that your business may qualify for. This means that you will be able to apply for financing in order to gain access to credit. The stronger the report, the faster the loan approval!

Get access of credit report on any business

A credit report can reveal you a lot about that client's capacity to satisfy debt obligation. Business Credit Report gives information such as nature of business, address and related parties such as Promoters, Partners, Holding Company etc. It also gives a snapshot of the type of credit facilities availed and the present status of these facilities

Analysis detailed picture of your customer & supplier

Numerous organizations have Reasons to check your credit report before engaging in a business relationship with somebody. The most well-known organizations are financial and insurance institutions. Moreover, cellphone organizations, service organizations and any business participating in agreement terms may be keen on seeing the credit history of an expected client.

Take proper decision after measuring risk level

The files contain comprehensive information on banking, trade data, legal items, third-party collections and much more to help you make better risk decisions, protect you from bad debt losses and help establish the credibility of companies you want to do business with.

Be smarter & improve your cash flow

Be smarter make stronger & confident credit decision on your customer and partner. Monitor key business relationships by keeping up-to-date with changes to the credit profiles of the companies you monitor so you can quickly take action on high-risk accounts.

For a Seamless Process contact us at Financeseva , we will charge very reasonable price for checking Credit Report might it be for your own business or for any other business purposes.

Financeseva offers you access to the most comprehensive business database in India

  • Numerical Overview
  • Portfolio Review
  • Business credit Report provides a numerical overview of the Business borrower's profile through Business Credit Score. This statistically developed Business credit score is on a scale of 300-900, as prescribed by the RBI, with 900 indicating the lowest risk profile. Our Business credit score is designed to predict probability of default within next 12 months by the prospective Business borrower.

    Key Points: -
    • Business identification details such as company name, contact details, years on file, and more
    • Predictive risk scores that predict the health of a company over the next 12 months.
    • Industry and financial trade data including credit payment and financial history, line of credit information, and amount of outstanding debt
    • Legal, lien and collection details including bankruptcy history, detailed bank reports, and useful data on any property being used as debt collateral
    • Access credit of loan repayment of potential Business borrowers
    • Gain bits of knowledge into overall borrowings across lending institutions
    • Assess financial responsibility before you settle on a choice
    • Disburse credit quicker while supporting business benefit
    • Loan with certainty and relieve hazard
  • Efficient management of the loan portfolio and the credit function is critical to the well- being and soundness of a bank’s business. Reviewing the risks associated with your existing portfolio of customers enables better account and risk management, and improved trend monitoring.

    Portfolio Review is the process by which risks that are intrinsic in the credit process can be overseen and controlled. The Portfolio Review Report, also termed as off-line batch monitoring, provides a comprehensive view of borrowers’ credit relationships across multiple lenders. This provides you with an opportunity to deepen your portfolio execution, extend relationships with key clients and improve business returns.

    Key Points: -
    • Type of Product
    • Type of Financial Institution
    • Risk Score
    • Current Balance
    • Sanctioned Amount
    • Past Due Amount

The Business Report gives you complete and multi-dimensional credit document data on possible Business borrowers so you can settle on more informed lending choices. These borrowers include, among others, public limited organizations, private limited organizations, association firms and ownerships.

The Business Credit Information Report offers an abundance of information, going from rich credit informational collections dependent on business need to hazard scores and more. You can assess the financial responsibility of likely business borrowers and limit examples of simultaneous and serial defaults. This empowers you to set out better open doors for your business as a credit grantor.

For your better understanding we had let a Sample Business Credit Report
Sample Business Credit Report


Stay current on changes in your business credit file and keep track of your score


Assess the financial risk of extending credit terms to a particular company


Get online access to a business credit report in seconds


Obtain background information on a business, including liens, judgements, and bankruptcies


Manage your business credit, so you can obtain funding to launch or expand your business


Learn what factors are affecting your business credit score so you can improve it

Business Credit Report FAQ
What is a decent business credit score?

Financeseva business credit scores range from a low of 1 to a high of 100. In general, an average business credit score is a 62.

By checking business credit report multiple times cause any affect on my business credit score?

Just by Checking your business credit report does not affect your business credit score. Pulling your own business credit report is considered a soft inquiry. Soft requests don't influence your business credit score & highly this won’t be in eye of lenders or creditors.

How can I check Business Credit Report?

Visit https://financeseva.com/business-credit-report and enter the name and Mobile & few details about your company with payment thereafter you will get a Business Credit Report.

What kind of information does a business credit report show?

A business credit report collects information on your business, such as general company information, business size and industry risk. It also includes information directly related to your business credit, including Payment history. Company information including number of employees, sales, ownership, and subsidiaries.

A decent business credit report can expand the odds of getting your loan application endorsement. Records Required to Check CIBIL Commercial Report

  1. What is known by impacts a company's credit rating?

    Among the essential determining factors of a business's credit report is how prompt the business is in meeting its payment obligations, such as paying suppliers, repaying loans, and paying monthly leases and bills. By figuring in the business profile, the rating will likewise mirror the size and extent of the business.

  2. What is Credit Monitoring?

    Credit Monitoring assists you with understanding your financial record and ensures your acknowledge way of life too. It assists you with collecting your credit score and reports which advantage you when attempting to get any loan or different types from loan such like home loans to automobile loan.

  3. How can I maintain a good Credit Score & what are the major points to consider?
    • Give top priority to your business credit score
    • Never delay on making any payment, you can make it earlier but not late.
    • Prefer to work with lenders & suppliers this will increase the advantages by them
    • Try to use only essential credit, don’t use too much credit this may reduce your credit score.
    • Always try to have a business credit card for day-to-day office expenses.
    • Properly do monitor & track your business report to know when it requires more improvement.
  4. How does a Credit Score is Calculated?

    Generally, Credit Score calculation is based on various factors such as your payment history, credit utilization ratio, balance maintenance & other credit exposure. These are all factors which determine your credit score while calculating. Note that if any default or any negative issues identified in your record checking then it will obviously reduce your credit score.

Why is it essential to monitor my business credit report?

There are four significant purpose to monitor your business credit report:

  1. Try to avoid unpleasant surprises: Your business credit profile plays a crucial role in determining that lenders will offer you a particular loan amount, at what interest rates you will be charged and for how long. This is the reason behind why it's important to know what's in your business credit report and monitor it for accuracy and changes.
  2. Secure your business: Business identity theft and fraud losses cost American companies billions each year. This would impact your cash flow, cause issue with suppliers and creditors & majorly this would led down your business reputation. Therefore, it is advised you to secure your business credit report on regular basic to secure from unusual activity that would indicate fraud.
  3. Rectify mistakes on Credit Report: Your credit report portrays your business for the world to see. Out-dated or incorrect information can give the wrong impression about your business resulting in unfavorable decisions that negatively impact your bottom line. By keeping track of your business credit report, you can identify inaccuracies and request corrections.
  4. Build your score: A poor business credit score can make it difficult, or even impossible, to get funding and obtain lines of credit for your business. The first step in improving your score is to become aware of the factors that drive your current company credit score. By managing these more effectively you can make a positive impact on your credit score, which can lead to more opportunities to grow your business.