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Warehouse receipt finance

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Warehouse receipt finance
Bank Name Interest Rate Range (%) Processing Fee (%) Maximum Loan (Lacs) Maximum Tenure (Month)
Bank Name Min Interest Rate
₹ 10L
₹ 50L
₹ 1C
₹ 1.5C
₹ 2C
₹ 2.5C
₹ 3C

Loan EMI

Total Interest

Total Payment

Eligibility Criteria

What you mean by Warehouse receipt financing Eligibility Criteria?

Warehouse facilities aid to get quick access to liquidity, Traders engaged in commodities able to get warehouse receipt financing against pledging goods carried on warehouse. Suppose the borrower fails to pay-back the loan then, lenders take the inventory & sell in to market to balance the loan amount.

Warehouse receipt financing Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria depends on several factors like repayment history, business sales/turnover& Creditworthiness ...etc.

  • • Applicant age should in-between 25 – 60 years
  • • (NBHC) National Bulk Handling Corporation
  • • (NCML) National Collateral Management Services Ltd
  • • Edelweiss Agri Value Chain Ltd (formerly Edelweiss Integrated Commodity Management Ltd (EICML))
  • • Staragri Warehousing & Collateral Management Ltd
  • • Navjyoti Commodity Management Services Ltd)
  • • Shree Shubham Logistics Ltd, LTC Commercial Co Pvt Ltd
  • • Credit score must be above 750
  • • Resident of Indian

Note: - You can avail up to 1 Cr as a maximum loan amount.

What are the factors generally affecting Warehouse receipt financing Eligibility Criteria?

There are top factors that generally affects Warehouse receipt finance eligibility criteria as given below: -

Low business ventage- Lender check years of business continuity as to measure the creditworthiness of company existing performance. Generally, for availing this type of facility 3 year of business continuity required. Due to low business ventage your chances get lowered.

NIL Collateral- If you have low credit score range, then collateral is the essential way to fulfil the requirements, in case you don’t own any collateral/assets to pledge then most probably lender won’t approve your application due to high risk in applicant profile.

What are the ways to increase Warehouse receipt financing eligibility?

To increase eligibility, you need to consider Top points as given below, this will aid you in increasing your eligibility level.

Maintain proper credit report: - By maintaining credit report you can be able to enjoy benefits like negotiating interest rates, easy approval of credit & loan. Just you are required to pay bills on time as it aids to increase credit score as well as eligibility.

Clear existing debt before opting for new: - Lender look forward to your application whether you have any existing loan, paying interest for earlier loan will affect new loan application. Hence, try to clear it as much as possible.

Documents Required

  • Individual
  • Prop Firm
  • Partnership Firm-LLP
  • PVT. LTD.
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the mandatory documents required?

  • 2 Passport sized photographs
  • Latest 1 year Bank Statement
  • Office address proof
  • Land documents
  • Personal identity & residential proof

What will be the maximum loan amount for warehouse receipt finance?

There are various factors that determine maximum loan amount, in case-to-case things get varied.

Who are eligible for warehouse receipt finance?

  • To know your eligibility, you need to check the common eligibility criteria of warehouse receipt finances: -
  • Minimum 3 years of business vintage
  • You must be resident of Indian
  • Promoter should have good credit history
  • Applicant must be a trader, processor or farmer

How much processing fee will be charged for warehouse receipt finance?

Usually, Lender impose an fee for processing loan applications which would be 0.50% - 2% of total loan amount vary from banks to banks.

How much Credit score required for warehouse receipt finances?

For getting warehouse receipt finances you must have credit score above 750 as much as the higher credit score is that much possibility of getting loan increase with that it also provides you the benefit to negotiate better rates & terms.

What are the benefits of warehouse receipt finance?

  • Loan at competitive interest rates
  • Quick access to liquidity
  • Flexible tenure facility

What is warehouse receipt finance?

Warehouse receipt finance help in reducing tense of finance, pledge your warehouse receipt to get instant access to liquidity.

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