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Debt Teaser Sample

Debt Teaser Sample

  • Company profile
  • Partner histories
  • Amount
  • Repayment
  • Collateral
  • Financial statements
  • Projections

Debt Teaser ( Bank loan proposal for Restaurant )


[Lender.FirstName] [Lender.LastName],

I have been in the restaurant business for over twenty years, holding positions from the front top to bottom. I've worked in a few significant U.S. markets, including New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area, and abroad in South America and Europe.

I initially began in my granddad's café cleaning dining areas and doing dishes, and for as far back as 5 years I have been the supervisor of an exceptionally acclaimed and famous destination restaurant in San Francisco. I likewise hold a Bachelor's Degree in Food Business Management from the Culinary Institute of America.

I believe my time is now , as I have the important experience, industry connections and associations with get this going. With assistance from those industry associations, I've made a sound field-tested strategy that obtains from set up endeavors however makes things a stride further.

The following proposal will show [Lender.Company] why I need a credit to launch my restaurant and how the cash will be utilized to supplement my current capital.

Company profile

A restaurant is a social assembly spot to relax, refuel, and sympathize with others. The world is full of various societies, however, one thing we as a whole offer our meals together. I've acknowledged this ethos, and it is the main impetus behind my idea for a restaurant.

In San Francisco, it's insufficient to simply serve great food; you are selling an encounter as much as dinner. The city is one of the top business sectors for restaurants in the nation. It was one of the initial two districts, alongside New York, in the U.S. looked into by Europe's regarded Michellin Guide, and it contains the most eateries per capita of any U.S. city. Basically, San Francisco is an innovator in the food world.

My present restaurant is in the buildout phase, with a foreseen opening date of a half year from now. We have made sure about a rent in a space in a local that has a consistent steady foot to traffic because it's a popular place mostly visited by tourist people &the most advantage is that nearby the surrounding there was no well known or similar restaurant. Space will be dazzling and open, with an uncovered kitchen in the back to flaunt food creation and a 360-degree bar in the middle with plentiful space to sit tight for a table and have a beverage. We are targeting seating of up to 50 all at once to give supporters a more close to home insight.

We expect a more youthful customer base, with a lot of tourists because of the area being famous with travelers. Our costs will be serious to draw in clients, yet I likewise trust in living wages and advantages for our workers. To this end, all tips created by the administration staff are pooled together and scattered similarly relying upon every representative's capacity in the general activity of the eatery.

Partner histories

There are two additional investors in my restaurant, including myself. We each carry something extraordinary to the idea, all having spent our vocations in the restaurant business.

One investor has a vast scope of experience in beer, wine, and spirits who maintains a bar counseling business in San Francisco. He has helped open a portion of the urban communities generally mainstream and very much regarded foundations. He has additionally won various industry grants. His attention is on utilizing new fixings to make mixed drinks that pair well with food.

The other investor is a seasoned chef who has worked for the absolute best restaurant in the U.S. for twenty years. He learned cooking in France, and held two apprenticeships in Spain. His food has been praised as "bleeding edge California cooking styles."

I am taking care of immediate contact with clients and dealing with the administration staff. I have more than 10 years of direct restaurant the executives involvement with high-volume areas in San Francisco and New York.

Loan Request


Our spending plan for the restaurant is $250,000. Of that, the three investors including myself have raised $125,000, which means we need another $125,000 to launch the restaurant. Our current investor is being utilized to pay rent costs on the space while it's worked out and development costs to redesign the inside. It's likewise going toward city and state grant and permitting costs related to restaurant and bar tasks. As expressed already, we foresee an initial date of a half year from now.

The cash we are requesting will go toward the below-mentioned necessities:

Kitchen equipment, $75,000: We accept quality food comes from great items. We have to buy general cooking utensils, tableware and silverware, another modern size broiler with a 10-top burner, and refrigeration gear.

Bar equipment, $25,000: Our bar will utilize just the best fixings and spirits accessible, including a small and well-curated lager and wine list. We have set up associations with drink industry merchants for these items at serious rates.

Food, $25,000: No restaurant is finished without its menu. During our time of involvement and tremendous associations, we have set up associations with food purveyors around the province of California and somewhere else in the U.S. to flexibly the restaurant . These items will be the last things requested prior to opening.


We are asking [Lender.Company] for a loan of $125,000 to be repaid over one year at a rate of 6% interest, making payments of $11,041.67 monthly.

Our estimates for revenue are an average of $6,000 per day over 22 operational days per month for a total revenue stream of $132,000 a month. After factoring in staff costs of $25,000 per month and operational costs of $75,000, we are left with enough money to comfortably repay a loan under those terms.


Spreadsheets for each partner are attached showing various forms of collateral we are putting up as security for our loan request. Among them are mutual fund investments, equity from ownership of two separate residential properties, and savings accounts.

Financial statements

Attached to this loan request are personal and business financial statements for each partner.


Other documentation attached to this request includes income and cash flow projections for the restaurant, and alternative operational structures in the event our projections do not materialize.

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