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Project Loan for Textile Industry India

Textile industry is one the largest GDP contributor in India, Under the industry, several funding schemes has been implemented by the government - Know More.
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Project Loan for Textile Industry in India

India is proudly known to be largest producer of textile and apparel industry, Under the textile industry 100% of FDI Foreign Direct Investment is provided by Govt.

Government of India has taken several initiatives to promote export trading of textile industry to foreign countries & one such popular funding support is MUDRA Scheme, it allows weavers & handloom entrepreneurs to get 20% margin assistance accordingly loan amount around 10 thousand per weavers is provided to financial support.

Features of MUDRA Scheme-

  • Interest rate 6% onwards per annum
  • Maximum tenure 3 years to repay loan
  • Easy & quick approvals

 What is textile industry & textile industry meaning?

Generally, textile is knitted -Woven fabric made up of yarn mixture of these two knowns to be textile which is widely used to produce a variety of clothes & textile sector includes the participation of works like research, design, development, manufacturing & production of textile fabrics.

It has the responsibility to convert raw material into useable finished goods which also involves development, manufacturing & productions of goods, therefore textile industry is an example of Agro based industry.

 Textile Industry Growth in India

Technology innovation has given block buster boost to textile industry in recent times & ultimately aids to create huge number of employment opportunities to job seekers.

Even after the covid 19 pandemic, through digital platform textile sector growth was non-stoppable & rapidly growth level increased.

Advanced technology thoroughly restructures textile sector by understanding key requirements of business production & customer's needs, marking the gap & fulfilling the same.

Artificial Intelligence utilized in textile machinery to ease work management. Refer the below image for textile industry growth in India!

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Points to consider before apply for Project Loan-

There are certain points you need to consider before apply for project loan as given below:-

Create Solid Project Report:- Project report is an essential report required by lenders. No matter whether you need project loan for manufacturing, textile, transport, education & other any industry. Project report has the power to decide to fund your project or not. However, make sure you create solid project report for bank loan which contains clear presentation of project planning, management, implementation with investment structure so that lender know whether funding your project report is worth it.

 Check Credit Score:- Credit score plays a crucial role in determining borrowers credit stability. It might be Personal loan or Business loan prior to loan application lenders will check your credit score in terms to ensure that you have good repayment history.

 Avoid multiple requests:- Do you know? Multiple requests for loan application led to lower your credit score because on each request lender used to conduct credit check which known to be harder check & eventually application rejection chances increased.

 Are you planning for Textile Industry Business setup & need project loan?

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 Why to choose us?

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