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Project Finance

Many early-stage & new startups business faces financial blockage which reduces chances to move on, wherein project finance helps the promoter to get funded.
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Project Finance

Project Finance Topics

Project finance is a long-term finance generally funded to corporate level borrowers. These funds are invested in plant and equipment expenditures.

When we talk about project obviously it involves numbers of investors & equity even they are well known as sponsors, who will majorly contribute in project for which the promoter later pays off borrowed capital through cash flow generated by the project.

Many of you have questions like what is project loan cost? While applying for project loan, lenders evaluate your project cost to determine loan amount & shall provide 65% to 85% of project cost as a maximum funding.

 What are the types of Project Finance?

Significately,there are 3 types of project finance as under given: -

Non-Recourse Loan:- This type of project finance come under non-recourse loan where promoter pledge their project assets as security & for building trust purposes, if suppose they couldn’t pay back capital then it will be taken by equity & investors in terms of equalizing offered capital.

Special Purpose Entity:- To isolate financial risk the parent company creates a subsidiary in which it highlights due to any reason separated company makes obligations then the profit & loss shall be faced & covered by themselves.

 Limited Non-Recourse Loan:- As the word itself points limited, there will be certain loan agreements initiated in favour of creditors that particular percentage in loan amount is assured, as its risk level seems lower than compared others & hence preferred by lenders.

What are the advantages of Project Finance?

 Minimal Risk:- As we stated above generally a project involves number of investors & equity with it. Hence, when opting for project finance become minimal risk due to the involvement of many investors & equity associated.

 Scope of additional funding:- Whether it’s a new setup or existing when a organization forecast their project potential & marketing growth with practically explaining business cash flow itself boost your eligibility for project funding when you add on your investors & equity sharing will besides help you to get additional funding scope.

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What are the 5 sources of Finance?

Early stage/new startup would faces financial crisis & left with question like what are the main sources of project finance? To clarify the question, we have discussed 5 major sources of project finance as under given.

Majorly it has two ways to get financed one as equity financing & another one is debt financing & other common way of finance are below defined.

Personal Investment: - Promoters can utilize their personal investment for business growth, but it might create issues; investment varies from one to another even complexity varied. Hence, taking proper advice from professional experts helps you to do saver your finances. 

Venture Capitalist: - Venture capitalist is private equity companies who provides funding to new startup companies with innovative projects to reach new heights.

Bank Loans: - There are various banks & financial institutions providing loans for projects, mostly lenders look for assets from borrowers. If the risk level looks higher then probably won’t be funded.

Financial Bootstrapping: - Financial bootstrapping is one of the sources of finance for new business startup, they provide less capital which won’t become burden on you & even rates are affordable.

 Business Angels: - Business angels & investor angels all together are same who provides funding for new startup to encourage their entrepreneurs participation.

 What is risk in Project Finance?

When it comes to a business numerous up & downs are associated with it, generally risks faced in project includes economical, political, technological & social norms.

 1. Economical:- There might be changes in project forecast, how it presented sometimes couldn’t be practically worked out & hence chances of financial crisis might occurs.

 2. Political:-Due to the changes over politics & party uncertain laws can be implemented by which GST & tax charges might vary.

 3. Technological: - A project management can be fully collapsed due to lack of systematic knowledge, failure to manage things might outcomes a degradation.

 4. Social: - Socially a startup engaged in infrastructure projects might face problems like local communities & non- interest of local consumers.

Thorough analysis is required to identify certain risks in projects, once all the risks have been identified, create a shortlist to justify them in better ways so that it won’t create a negative impact on project while viewed by lenders.

 How do you get Project Finance?

Finally, here is the answer waiting for you How to get Project Finance, whether you are looking for project finance from private equity or debt financing

 Mark out project cash flow: - For applying a project finance, Project Report for bank loan must be submitted & that too be well prepared as it’s the core part of the project loan where lenders evaluate to examine project output whether it has sustainable potential to recover or not. Therefore, make sure your project report contains a clear practical explanation.

 Compare lenders offering: -There are many lenders ready to finance for your project, now it's your duty to compare lenders to choose your ideal financial partner that best suits & match your requirements.

 Approach your proposal: - Once you have filtered & chosen, then approach them online or offline as per your convenient but before that ensure you carry all the relevant documents with you at the time of application.

 Wait for review: - After your successful submission let the lender take time to examine your proposal, if it seems to work out then the lenders themselves will contact you for further discussion.

Hopefully, most of your doubts related to project finance would be cleared. We will be glad to serve you & support you financially. Don’t be hesitate to contact for clarify your doubts, we are available 24*7 feel free to contact us:+91 9863-02-02-2.

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