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FSSAI Registration Online FEES FSSAI License Registration Process

FSSAI Registration Online Fees Process

FSSAI represents as Food Safety and Standards Authority of India which is an association that screens and administers the food business in India. It is a self-ruling body which is set up under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

Do you know according to section 31(1) and 31(2) of FSS Act 2006 each Food Business Operator in the nation is needed to be authorized/enlisted under the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. The authorizing and enrollment strategy and necessities are managed by

Procedure of FSSAI Registration

1. Interview and Documentation - Fill up lawful FSSAI Registration structure on legalDocs site and talk with our master and submit documents online through mail or whatsapp.

2. Application filling and permission– We will document FSSAI Application with the administration specialists, resolve inquiries and get your FSSAI License Approval from the legislature.

3. Food License Delivery – Digital and Hard copy of your FSSAI License will be conveyed to the tended to you gave.

Simple steps to get FSSAI LICENSE

Interview – Get a full FSSAI License conference from our specialists just by paying a reasonable sum

Records – Upload documents on the web, from anyplace whenever

Permission– Easy and secure online approval

Delivery– Get your food permit/valid certificate at your home


•    The food business can get huge legitimate advantages

•   Creates buyer mindfulness

•  You can utilize FSSAI logo, which can fabricate an well imagination among the clients.

•   Set down science-based standards

•  Regulate manufacture, capacity, distribution, deal and import of food

•  To encourage sanitation

•  The innovative work area is capable to keep up the wellbeing.

•  New rules are presented which are viable with global association

•  Set up proof evidence reads for building arrangements.

•  There is a tremendous possibility of business extension



The three licenses, vary based on the size of activity of the food business which is being done. Coming up next is the point by point data on the three food licenses.

Essential FSSAI Registration

In the event that the yearly turnover of a food business is beneath Rs. 12 lakh then fundamental enlistment of food permitting is required. By and large when somebody is firing up a business and uncertain of anticipated turnover, essential sanitation enrollment is done which can be moved up to state permit if the turnover exceeds Rs. 12 Lakh.

Dairy having limit less that 500 liters for every day or day by day producing limit under 100kg every day needs to get essential FSSAI enlistment which incorporates wide scope of organizations beginning from little container shops, tea slows down, locally situated food administrators, little distribution centers, bottle's , mid- day meal supper administrations and food processors. The greatest residency of this permit is 5 years and the base is 1 year.


State FSSAI License

On the off chance that the yearly turnover of the food business is more than Rs. 12 lakhs and not as much as Rs. 20 crores then one needs to get state FSSAI License.

Assembling units having limit upto 2 MT for each day, Dairy units dealing with business upto 50000 liters for every day, 3 star hotel or more, repackers and relebelling units, clubs flasks, all the cooking business regardless of their turnover needs to apply for State permit. The most extreme residency of this permit is 5 years and the base is 1 year.

Central  FSSAI License

In the event that the yearly turnover of the food business is more than Rs. 20 Crores then central FSSAI License is required.

Presently the organizations which don't fall under the over two classifications, they have to go for central  permit, the merchant and exporters obligatorily needs central permit, on the off chance that you are in a business having different outlets the nation over then you have to go for central permit for your enlisted address and furthermore need to get fundamental state or central licenses relying upon the turnover of every outlet. The greatest residency of this permit is 5 years and the base is 1 year.

In the event that your business falls in any of the underneath recorded classifications, at that point a food permit is compulsory for you !


• Procurement

• Manufacture

• Distribution

• Processing

• Packaging

• Storage

To be more detailed, any individual or an organization that works with food substances from ranch to plate must acquire the FSSAI food permit. A more point by point rundown of the individuals who require FSSAI enlistment Certificate is here:

• Hotels

• Wholesaler

• Restaurants

• Food chains

• Food merchants and affiliates

• Dairy and dairy handling

• Food shippers and exporters

• Processors like pickle and dry natural product creator

• Raw material providers to food organizations

• Retailers and foundations who have a retail outlet

• Simple carriers who move things starting with one area then onto the next

• Canteens in enterprises, schools, universities, medical clinics or government organizations

• Packaged food makers who produce things, for example, scones and prepared to eat items

Capacity units and stockrooms require a sanitation enlistment rather than a creation permit.


FSSAI required for following reasons:-

Each food business administrator associated with the assembling, handling, stockpiling dissemination and offer of food items should obligatorily acquire FSSAI Registration or License.

FSSAI Registration is not the same as FSSAI License as in relying upon the size and nature of the business, FBO ought to get the vital enrollment or permit.

It is a 14-digit enlistment or a permit number which is imprinted on all the food bundles. The 14 digit enlistment number gives insights concerning the amassing state, maker's grant.

The following are the criteria required for FSSAI Registration:-

FSSAI enlistment or permit depends on the business volume and premises. Contingent on the introduced limit or turnover or area, candidate premises are qualified for the permit, for example, essential permit, central permit, and state permit.

Reports Required For Obtaining the Central License:

1.            Form B appropriately finished and signed

2.            Plan of the preparing unit showing the measurements and activity wise territory distribution

3.            List of Directors/Partners/Proprietor with address, contact subtleties, and picture ID

4.            Name and list of hardware and apparatus utilized with the number and introduced limit

5.            List of food classification to be produced

6.            Authority letter from maker selected a dependable individual name and address

7.            Analysis report of water to be utilized in the process to affirm the compactness

8.            Source of crude material for milk, meat and so forth

9.            Recall arrangement any place pertinent

10.          Ministry of Commerce Certificate for 100% EOU

11.          NOC/PA report gave by FSSAI

12.          IE code report gave by DGFT

13.          Form IX

14.          Certificate from Ministry of Tourism

15.          Proof of ownership of premises

16.          Partnership deed/sworn statement of ownership

17.          NOC and duplicate of License from the maker

18.          Food security the executives framework plan or testament

19.          NOC from the district or nearby body

20.          Supporting archive for verification of turnover and transportation

21.          Declaration structure

Procedure for Obtaining FSSAI Registration

1. FSSAI enlistment is started by submitting Form An (application) to the Food and Safety Department.

2. This application can be acknowledged or it might be dismissed by the Department inside 7 days from the date of receipt of an application and the dismissal must be implied to the candidate recorded as a hard copy

3. If the application is acknowledged, at that point the office will give an enlistment authentication with the enrollment number and the photograph of the candidate.

4. FBO should definitely show the certificate of enlistment at the business environment during the business hours.

The basic records required for Basic, State and Central Registration are a visa photograph and a picture ID confirmation.

For State and Central permit, the accompanying extra reports will be required:

•             Address confirmation

•             List of food classification

•             Layout plan

•             List of hardware

•             NOC from district

•             Incorporation endorsement

•             List of chiefs/accomplices

•             MOA and AOA 

•             Water test report

•             Import Export Code

Documents required For Obtaining the State License:

1. Form B appropriately finished and signed

2. Plan of the preparing unit indicating the measurements and activity wise region distribution

3. List of Directors/Partners/Proprietor with address, contact subtleties, and picture ID

4. Name and list of hardware and apparatus utilized with the number and introduced limit

5. List of food classification to be manufactured

6.  Authority letter from producer selected a mindful individual name and address

7.  Analysis report of water to be utilized in the process to affirm the portability

8.  Proof of ownership of premises

9.  Partnership deed/affidavit of ownership

10. NOC and copy of License from the producer

11. Copy of testament acquired under Coop Act 1861/Multi state Coop Act 2002

12. Food wellbeing the executives framework plan or declaration

Reestablishment ( Renewal ) of FSSAI License

The FSSAI permit is basic to begin the food business, comparatively it is basic to recharge the permit. The permit is given for a legitimacy of 1 year or 5 years, so the business must apply for restoration 30 days preceding the expiry of current permit.

The FLRS is used in five Regional Offices for the issue of licenses and qualifications. They are:

•             Northern Region - New Delhi

•             Eastern Region – Kolkata

•             North Eastern Region – Guwahati

•             Western Region – Mumbai and Kerala

•             Southern Region – Chennai