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Advertising and Publicity by the Ministry of Development of the North-Eastern Region

The scheme has been launched by the Ministry of Development of the North-Eastern Region with the motive to advertise and publicity. This project has been formulated for the purpose of protecting the inherent talent and achievements of the northeast region as well as creating awareness of its unique features and products. It will also highlight the role of the central government in the development process through some other schemes for the northeastern region.

The government also encourages several major events in diverse areas such as trade & investment, tourism, handlooms & handicrafts, and agriculture are being organized in major marketing centers. These exhibitions/buyer-seller meets provided much-needed domestic and international exposure to the unique products of the NER. 

The scheme aims to inherent economic, social, and cultural strength of the North-Eastern Region as well as to mainstream the region with the country that can move forward altogether. 


Objectives of the scheme 

  • The Ministry of DoNER has been making major efforts to promote sustainable tourism in the region and hence it will boost the economy of the region and the people who live there.  

  • The Ministry has given publicity on a large scale about the relaxation and tourist attractions in the North-East Region to attract several Government employees and their families to take holiday visits to the Northeastern States. 

  • Promoting Conventions, Seminars, Workshops, etc. in the development sector in the NE region. 

  •  Supporting Cultural Activities, Fairs, Festivals, etc. to display the various societies of the Northeast. Such activities were held in the NE region as well as in the Capital of the country. 

  • Widening the scope of the scheme, it was decided to support the football tournament in Nagaland and National Archery Championship in Arunachal Pradesh.  

  • The Ministry of DoNER is decided to implement a Media Strategy for giving a gesture about the natural beauty of the Northeast, Northeast as a tourist destination, cultural uniqueness, investment opportunities, and developmental programmes of the Government in both print and electronic media. 


Who can apply? 

The following are eligible for the scheme, the only condition is every personality should be located in the northeastern region. 

  • Registered Societies, 

  • voluntary organizations,  

  • public trusts, non-profits/not-for-profit organizations, 

  • universities, 

  • co-operatives and  

  • other similarly placed institutions. 


How to apply? 

A divisional head of the Ministry may invite the eligible institutions/organizations to take up programmes/projects relating to the subject assigned to them under the scheme. Internal proposals must be sent to the Joint Secretary in charge of Advertising & Publicity with recommendations for obtaining the opinion of the committee on advertising & publicity. It is a self-initiated programme by the organization of the ministry of the northeastern region.  

 Proposals submitted Suo-motto by an organization/institution is an external proposals. External proposals should be submitted to the Joint Secretary in charge of advertising & publicity scheme. The Division shall examine and process the proposal to be placed before the committee on advertising & publicity.

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