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Preventive Action

Group Think

Conforming to a group thought process in order to minimize conflict and/ or avoid critical evaluation.

Recruit a Diverse Committee


Ensure time for independent evaluation prior to meetings.

Confirmation Bias

Filtering new information or evidence in a way that confirms pre-existing opinions and beliefs.

Encourage questioning and exploring thoughts and beliefs without judgment. Provide access to an unbiased third party view.

Overconfidence Bias

Overestimating our talents and abilities

Play devil’s advocate and respectfully challenge one another. Consider the risks before making a decision.

Herding Bias

Rationalizing  a course of action is the right one because everybody else is doing it.

Take time in making decisions.  Make a conscious effort to form a unique validated opinion.

Action Bias

Favoring action over inaction,

Evaluate the pros and cons of each possible response outcome.


Give equal consideration to both action an inaction.









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