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What is CIN Number? - Its Meaning, Usage, Registration Process

  • 03-Aug-2022
What is CIN Number - Its Meaning, Usage, Registration Process

Table of Content 

  • Corporate Identification Number (CIN)
  • What is Corporate Identification Number (CIN)?
  • Importance of Corporate Identification Number
  • Decoding CIN number
  • Abbreviations in CIN number
  • Usage of CIN number
  • CIN number Registration Process
  • How to Track your Corporate Identification Number?
  • Penalty for Non-Compliance
  • FAQs


Corporate Identification Number (CIN) 

CIN number is a unique identification number that is a 21-digit alphanumeric number which is called a corporate identification number, it is also known as a corporate identity number. CIN is given by the Registrar of Companies (ROC) of various states under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) to private limited companies (PLCs), one-person companies (OPCs), companies owned by the government of India, state government companies, not-for-profit Nidhi companies, etc.  


If you are planning to start your own business, there are many crucial things to know about your business work like a CIN number, TIN number, and GST (Goods and Services Tax) registration. To start your own company, it is important for you to know about the CIN number registration for smooth business transactions. 


What is Corporate Identification Number (CIN)? 

CIN number is assigned to companies registered in India by the ROC found in states across the nation. This is used to track all the activities of an enterprise. This number holds the identity of an organization and more information regarding the registered company under the ROC. 


The company’s information can be accessed using a 21-digit alphanumeric unique identification number by the ROC. However, the CIN has various details like Year of Incorporation, State code for Example DL- Delhi, Type of Company such as PLC – Public Limited Company, Listing status, etc. 

All these companies registered in India provided with the CIN by ROC, which include: 

  • Private Limited Companies (PLCs)
  • Public limited companies
  • One-Person Companies (OPCs)
  • Companies owned by the Government of India
  • State Government Companies
  • Not-for-Profit Section 8 Company
  • Nidhi Companies
  • General association public (GAP)
  • General association private (GAL)


Importance of Corporate Identification Number 

CIN number is a unique number that has a 21-digit number, we can find out basic information relating to a company that is registered within the country under MCA.  

CIN numbers can be used for tracking all the aspects and activities of a company from its incorporation by the ROC and are required to be provided on all transactions with the respective ROC. 

Decoding CIN number 

CIN provides information about the company. The CIN number is a 21-digit alphanumerical which can be broken down into six sections. All these elements combine to form a 21-digit unique Corporate Identification Number 


Section-1: The first character – U: Listing Status 

The first letter stands for whether the company is listed or not listed. If the company is unlisted, it is marked U and the letter L for listed status. 


Section-2: The next five digits –12345: Industry Code 

The 5-digit number stands for the ROC industry code. All different activities have different 5-digit codes, and this code helps in showing the type of company. 


Section-3: The next two letters – DL: State Code 

The two letters stand for where the company has been registered under the Registrar of Companies with its registered office being in a specified state. 


Section-4: The next four digits – 2022: Incorporation Year 

Incorporation year is the year of incorporation of the company which uses 4 extra digits in the unique code. 


Section-5: The next three characters – PTC: Ownership 

This stands for the type of the company being Private or Limited Company, Government of India, Not-for-profit, One Person Company or Company of State Government. 


Section-6: The last six digits – 098845: Registration Numbe

The final six digits are the Roc code of the company. 


Usage of CIN number 

CIN numbers are mainly used for the purpose of tracking all the aspects of a registered company. This is like an identity number of any company and every company needs to be printed the CIN number on various documents such as the company’s official publication, invoices, e-form on MCA’s website, etc. CIN unique code is also used for audits and presenting reports or any form submission to MCA.  


Abbreviations in Corporate Identification Number (CIN) 

FLC: Financial Lease Company as Public Limited 

FTC: Subsidiary of a Foreign Company as Private Limited Company 

GAP: General Association Public 

GAT: General Association Private 

GOI: Companies owned by Government of India 

NPL: Not-for-Profit License Company 

PLC: Public Limited Company 

PTC: Private Limited Company 

SGC: Companies owned by State Government 

ULL: Public Limited Company with Unlimited Liability 

ULT: Private Company with Unlimited Liability 


CIN Number Registration Process  

Any business or any company can get a CIN number by applying on the official website of MCA. As per section 7(3) of the companies act, the Registrar shall allot to the company a corporate identity number, which shall be a distinct identity for the company, and which shall also be included in the certificate. In the process of registering for a CIN number, you must follow the steps that are given below: 

Step 1: visit the official website and fill out your application form at www.mca.gov.in. 

Step 2: Provide all the required documents for review and approval. 

Step 3: Once your form is approved then make the payment to receive the unique number from MCA. 


How to Track your Corporate Identification Number? 

To track your CIN number and find your company details online you can easily get information on the official website of the ministry of corporate affairs. 


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Penalty for Non-Compliance 

Every company has an obligation to get a CIN number if any company does not apply for a CIN number, the company will have a penalty of Rs. 1000 per day and this penalty is maximumly limited to Rs. 1 lakh. 



What is the meaning of CIN? 

A CIN is a 21-digit alphanumeric number allotted to the company on the date of its registration by the Registrar of Companies. The CIN is mentioned in the company’s Certificate of Incorporation. 


Is it compulsory to have a CIN number for a company? 

Yes, a CIN number is compulsory for all the companies that are registered in India it is auto-generated. It is used for quoting on documents and for presenting audits and reports.  


How to get a CIN number? 

CIN numbers are automatically distributed to the company when they are incorporated and approved by the Registrar of Companies. 


How to apply for CIN? 

To get a CIN number you should visit the official website of MCA. You need to Fill out an application form and deposit all the required documents. Then, submit the payment to receive the CIN number after review and approval from MCA. 

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