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Valuation method used for valuation of start up in india

  • 31-Jul-2023

In India, the most common valuation methods used for startups include:


1. Comparable Company Analysis: This method involves comparing the startup's financial and operational metrics to similar companies that have already been valued or have undergone funding rounds. This analysis helps determine the startup's value based on the market multiples of comparable companies.


2. Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Analysis: DCF analysis estimates the present value of a startup's future cash flows. It involves forecasting the cash flows the startup is expected to generate and discounting them back to their present value using an appropriate discount rate. This method requires making assumptions about future growth rates and cash flow projections.


3. Risk Factor Summation Method: This method considers various risk factors associated with the startup, such as the stage of development, market competition, team experience, intellectual property, and regulatory risks. Each risk factor is assigned a weightage, and the total risk factor score is used to determine the valuation.


4. Pre-money and Post-money Valuation: Pre-money valuation refers to the value of the startup before any new investment is made, while post-money valuation is the value after the investment is made. The valuation is determined by the amount of investment and the percentage of ownership the investor receives in the startup.


5. Berkus Method: The Berkus Method assigns a specific value to various qualitative factors such as the quality of the startup's team, market potential, prototype development, and strategic partnerships. Each factor is assigned a specific value, and the sum of these values provides the startup's valuation.


It's important to note that these valuation methods are not mutually exclusive, and often a combination of methods is used to arrive at a fair and reasonable valuation for a startup in India. Additionally, the valuation will also be influenced by the negotiation between the startup and the investor.

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