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Packing credit limit

  • 03-Aug-2023

The packing credit limit for exporters refers to the maximum amount of credit that a bank or financial institution is willing to provide to an exporter to finance their packing and pre-shipment expenses. It is an essential facility for exporters as it helps them bridge the gap between the production of goods and their final shipment.


The credit limit is determined by several factors, including the exporter's creditworthiness, their past performance, the value and volume of goods being exported, and the terms of the packing credit facility. Banks assess these factors to determine the exporter's ability to repay the loan.


To determine the packing credit limit, exporters are required to submit relevant documents, such as export orders or contracts, purchase orders, invoices, and other supporting documents to demonstrate the need for financing. The bank evaluates these documents and may conduct a thorough analysis of the exporter's financial statements and credit history.


Once the credit limit is established, the exporter can draw funds from the facility as needed to cover their packing and pre-shipment expenses. These expenses may include the purchase of raw materials, labor costs, packaging materials, transportation, and other related costs.


It is important to note that the packing credit limit is not a fixed amount but can be revised periodically based on the exporter's repayment behavior, changes in the export market, or any other relevant factors. The bank may also consider the exporter's credit utilization ratio, which is the proportion of the credit limit already utilized by the exporter, before approving additional funding.


The interest rates and repayment terms for packing credit are typically negotiated between the exporter and the bank. The interest may be charged on the utilized amount, and the exporter is generally expected to repay the loan within a specified period, usually upon receipt of payment from the overseas buyer.


In conclusion, the packing credit limit is an important financial tool for exporters, allowing them to finance their packing and pre-shipment expenses. The credit limit is determined based on various factors, and exporters must provide relevant documents to support their financing needs. It is essential for exporters to manage their credit utilization wisely and maintain a good repayment track record to ensure access to packing credit facilities in the future.

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