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NRI Taxation

The taxation system in India is undergoing tremendous changes and there are a lot of new tax structures and different tax schemes that are introduced in the Budget. A new kind of tax regime is developing under Transfer Pricing Methodology which is radically going to change the outlook of the tax laws in India. 

Many of the exemptions are being withdrawn or amended. But let’s first understand that who is considered to be a Non Resident Indian (NRI) under the Income Tax Acts.  

The tax assessment framework in India is going through tremendous changes and there are a great deal of new duty structures and distinctive expense conspires that are presented in the Budget. Another sort of duty system is creating under Transfer Pricing Methodology which is drastically going to change the standpoint of the expense laws in India.


A considerable lot of the exclusions are being pulled back or altered. However, we should initially comprehend that who is viewed as a Non Resident Indian (NRI) under the Income Tax Acts.


The term non-Resident refers just to the expense status of an individual who, according to section 6 of the Income-charge Act of 1961, has not lived in India for a predetermined period for the reasons for the Income Tax Act. The paces of pay charge are distinctive for people who are "occupant in India" and for NRIs. For the reasons for the Income Tax Act, "living arrangement in India" requires remain in India of in any event 182 days in a schedule year or 365 days spread out more than four sequential years. As indicated by the act, any Indian resident who doesn't meet the models as a "occupant of India" is a non-Resident  of India and is treated as NRI for covering pay charge .Any person who has Indian birthplace is considered to be occupant in India in any earlier year in the event that he fulfills any of the accompanying conditions:


  • • On the off chance that he is in India for a time of 182 days or more during the earlier year; or
  • • On the off chance that he is in India for a time of 60 days or more during the earlier year and 365 days or more during 4 years promptly going before the earlier year.

Thus in both the conditions NRI’s are liable to pay the tax under the income tax acts. But at the same time it is very difficult to deal with the upcoming changes and it is indeed an equally tedious job to find the right person or an organization that would guide you well and at the same time charge you an optimum amount without making a hole in your pocket. This is when NRI Services come into the picture. If you have any query on the latest tax scenario, send a Query. We have Legal Experts carefully chosen by us to help our clients with their problems in understanding the new tax structure. 

A portion of the divisions we skill in are:

  • • Tax Planning
  • • Consultancy
  • • Filling of income Tax returns

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