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Indian Bank aims to develop MSME portfolio riding on mentoring program

Indian Bank is intending to develop its MSME portfolio riding on its small business mentoring program, dedicated MSME Prerana, as it will enable small businesses companies to get bank credit more easily.

Under the Prerana, online training sessions for MSMEs are being led to train them in those general fundamentals of accounting, maintenance of books of accounts, government and #bank scheme. Preparing programs are being in vernacular languages to help MSMEs better to understand.

The lender has recently began its fourth batch of MSME Prerana for entrepreneurs in #TamilNadu. MSME Prerana, the first-of-its-initiative activity by a bank for the MSME sector.

Padmaja Chunduru, MD and CEO, stated: "MSME Prerana program got an excellent response from MSME entrepreneurs and interest of more women entrepreneurs is overwhelming. The point is to prepare them of necessary skills to professionally deal with unpredictable and uncertain situations and build trust in them for reasonable and manageable business growth."