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Glaxo Smith Kline Consumer Healthcare plans to Make India a Export Center

• GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare is in talks with local organizations to contract manufacture, in recent times it has launched the Polident brand of particular oral care items with plans to make India the fare center point for neighboring business sectors.

• The organization, which sells brands, for example, Sensodyne, Eno, Crocin and Otrivin, launched Polident—a dental care brand—a month ago. The launch of the Polident Denture fixative cream denotes GSK's invasion into the particular dental replacement care classification.

• Polident, we have imported, yet we are effectively in talks with local manufacturers. Truth be told, India will be the center wherein India will flexibly to a few of neighboring nations without a doubt," said Anurita Chopra, area marketing director, oral wellbeing, GSK Consumer.

• All around the world, the dental replacement care class is estimated at 12,500 crore. GSK Consumer sells the item in Japan, China and Latin America. Chopra said it could take slightly long as a year to conclude the plans for production in India.